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Read what some of our satisfied clients have said about us!

Hideko Tachibana

CEO, Fomo

We highly recommend Michele for help with patent law. She was professional, transparent about all fees, great at translating complex legal language into layman’s terms, proactive with each step of the patent application process, and updated us constantly on our status and her strategy. There was never a time where we felt uncertain about our application status, next steps, or what our next legal bill would look like. She is extremely competent and we can tell she holds herself personally accountable for her work.

Kevin Condon

CEO/Founder, PayByCar and Verdeva

Michele was recommended to us by mutual contacts at MIT, and she helped us through the provisional and full patent process. She is incisive, focused, and very capable. I highly recommend her.

Gregory Recupero

CTO, Performance-IP LLC

Being in the Semiconductor Intellectual Property business we realize the importance of protecting our IP. So when it came time to select a law firm that could help us build our patent portfolio we selected Michele Liu Baillie at North Shore Patents. Michele was able to quickly understand our designs, this reduced the impact of the patent application process, allowing us to focus on product development. She also provided patent guidance, strategies, and completed the patent work on time and on budget. I would strongly recommend Michele and her team at North Shore Patents. They have been a pleasure to work with and will be receiving any of our future patent work.

Williams Seiz

TV Band Service LLC

Our division has been operating for three years and Michele was our fourth patent attorney two years ago. We have not changed since. Michele’s communication abilities enable us to securely set responsible technical road maps, budgets and schedules.

Steve Smith

President and CEO, Fonative, Inc.

Our company has been making a transition from a professional services firm to a software product company.  Last year we developed an algorithm that provides what we believe to be an elegant solution to an unsolved problem in our industry.  We knew we needed guidance for IP protection.  After interviewing 4 firms, we selected North Shore Patents, and we’re lucky to have found them.  Not only were they great at educating and advising first-time patent filers, but their strong technical background, allowed them to rapidly comprehend our invention and suggest angles and use-case that hadn’t occurred to us, which in turn allowed us to construct broader and potentially more valuable claims in our filing.  They were professional, focused, and they managed our project to hit all deadlines on time.  We’re very satisfied with their help, and are now working with them as our advisors to refine our IP strategy and consider additional filings.

David Conroy

President, Design at Work, LLC

As a product designer, I am always involved with new patents. Mostly patent attorneys are provided by my clients, but whenever I am asked to refer a patent attorney, I readily recommend Michele Liu Baillie. Michele is highly professional; detail oriented, and grasps the product concepts so well that I should consider her a member of the design team. Feedback from my clients has been uniformly excellent, which allows me to continue referring Michele. Her patent writing crosses the need of the legal requirements and the layman’s understanding. Please ask me for a more detailed recommendation.

Jeffrey and Rebecca Hoffman

Gemini Management

My company recently had the opportunity to work with North Shore Patents and Michele Liu Baillie. The experience was excellent. Michele was organized, knowledgeable, thorough and very supportive throughout the process. Her work has allowed us to take our product design into the patent application process. I highly recommend Michele and North Shore Patent for your patent requirements.

Kwabena Asante

Principal, Climatus LLC

As a young startup, we needed an experienced patent attorney who would work with us to distill the essence of our system. Michele is both patient and thorough. Her analytical approach allowed us to identify numerous important aspects of our system which we might otherwise have overlooked. We will definitely be using her services again in the future.

Margie Gong

VP, a la Mobile, Inc.

On account of her extensive experience with both technology and the patent process, Michele Liu Baillie is the one attorney I have continually called upon to compose well-thought out patent applications for my corporation. Utilizing her deep technical and legal knowledge, Michele is able to intuit how best to position our technologies in order to minimize potential PTO Office Actions while maximizing the probability the patent will be granted. Her integrity as well as impeccably-professional and straightforward style provide for a near-effortless process.

Richard Ross

President & CTO, GigaLogix Inc.

I’ve worked with lots of lawyers for over a decade, from the world’s biggest law firm to sole practitioners, and I trust Michele with all my important software patent work. The cardinal rule about intellectual property legal work is that it’s the lawyer, not the law firm, that matters, and the fact is that Michele is an excellent patent lawyer with strong technical skill. In addition to the obvious legal concerns of patent work, she thinks through important business issues; she is also a pleasure to work with. You can easily spend twice as much with a larger firm, and the work won’t be half as good as with Michele. 

Simon Chiu

Principal Scientist, TP Labs Inc.

Michele completed the work of over a dozen patent application during this time, and her work is always timely and of excellent quality. Her insight and guidance are particularly valuable in the area of crafting claims and dealing with prior arts. Compared to other patent attorneys that I have worked with throughout the years, I found Michele’s approach to be most effective, including her gentle and creative style that promotes lively and constructive discussion. 

Ken Bui

President, Realivent Inc.

Michele was a great resource for us during our software development phase. We were under a tight release schedule and she executed on our plans for a timely filing. As we were new to the patent process she also guided us through the thought process on what to emphasize and what to plan for our future portfolio. Easy to work with and very resourceful.